The next generation

For the last few days I have been working with Panorama Patterns to develop the new t-shirts to be available in February.

The fundamentals are the same, we are keeping the tighter fit and are using the same wool fabric from our Danish supplier. But we are using your feedback and experience gathered during the last 6 months to make a more stylish and minimalistic t-shirt with even better comfort and fit.

I believe that the combination of years of experience with fashion from the great girls at Panorama Patterns and the feedback on fit and comfort the next generation of T-shirts will be amazing. 

Here is a list of some of the changes and optimizations:

  • Improved stitches on the neck line
  • An extra stitch is added to the shoulder seam to make it more flat
  • Added transperant band to shoulder seem to keep the shoulder width
  • Optimized sleeves for better movement
  • The lenght of the T-shirt is shortened by 20mm
  • The neck line is narrowed by 2mm, for better looks
  • The neck opening is widened by 10mm, for a relaxed and stylish look
  • Care label & LOOW label are merged into one label
  • Available in 9 variants

We will get samles from the manufacturer next week incorporation these changes. Then we will have another look at it and run a testing period before the final production is started.