Why choose a merino wool T-shirt?

Wool may seem like a surprising choice for our high quality T-shirts, but don't let the memories of those rough itchy sweaters, that your granny used to knit put you off! Our quality T-shirts are partly made in Denmark and are designed to be the ultimate product in both comfort and performance.

Supreme comfort

The softness of merino wool makes it ideal for wearing next to your skin, but this is not the only reason it is so popular; it's considered the material of choice for many performance clothing products.

Temperature Control

There is a natural crimp in Merino fibre which gives T-shirts and other Merino clothing greater breath-ability and insulation than other clothing. This ability means that anyone choosing to wear Merino clothing will be protected from variations in temperature. They will be kept cool during hot weather, and warm when the temperature drops and becomes cooler.

Moisture Control

Sweat is one of the biggest problems for athletes or anyone living in warm climates. Merino wool helps to keep wearers dry, and reduces odour by actively moving the molecules of moisture vapour away from the body. The smell that occurs as sweat breaks down is locked into the fibre of the wool helping to keep the wearer fresh and dry for longer.

Stays in shape

Merino stays in shapeOur Merino wool T-shirts won't easily lose its shape or start to sag. It comes with a natural elasticity that allows it to stretch to match the contours of the wearer and return to its original shape after use.

Non-fading color

Keeps colorThe organic structure of the wool fibers sucks up the color when dyed, and it retains the color upon washing and use. The garment remains the same color in the entire lifetime.
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