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As a former Special Operation Forces operator, I believe it is important to challenge yourself now and then. I am ready to support you in your actions.

We will supply one adventurous guy with a free T-shirt of your choice. And I will support you during planning and execution, if you want me to.

LOOW T-shirts are made to be used and is constructed for any environment. Submit your everyday challenge or adventure. I am looking forward to equipping you and see if the T-shirt meets your requirements.

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Could be anything

Challenge yourself, try something new or let us know if you already have something planned. It doesn't need to be an unique or complicated challenge, as long as it is new to you.

  • Biking to Berlin
  • A no-luggage business travel
  • Quitting your job to go hunting
  • Run a half marathon
  • Treasure hunting in Africa

More information

We would like to follow your adventure, but sharing photos or experiences is not required.

Your adventure should be starting immediately or within the next three months.

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Anyone, worldwide can apply. We will pick a candidate on June 30'th 2017 and contact her/him by email, the name will be announced here.

Feel free to write me at if you have any further questions